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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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from philly to atlantic city tonight we are tracking the hotter weather our area has seen temperatures reach into the 90s today. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. if you've been outside at all today, you know how hot it is, and guess washington it's not going away. a live look right now in old city as we brace for a stretch of steamy weather and a heat advisory starting tomorrow. scott is in the weather center tracking your forecast. >> that's right. >> just how hold the is it going to get. >> it's going to be pretty sultry tomorrow. we're looking at high temperatures top out around 94 degrees. the record for tomorrow is 95 set back in 1947. the high today by the way made it up to into degrees. that's about 10 degrees above average. but here's the concern moving forward. especially tomorrow. the heat and humidity continues to build. take look at the counties highlighted in orange you can see right along the immediate i-95 corridor we're talking from noon to 8:00 o'clock feels like temperatures could approach
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100 degrees. in fact, by tomorrow morning it's going to feel like mid 70s across much of the area. but look at what happens. by 2:00 in the afternoon feeling like 101 degrees in philadelphia. we'll talk about how long this dangerous heat will last as well as when to expect a few pop-up showers and storms. back to you. >> all right, scott. the city of philadelphia has many cooling center ace cross town for people who want to beat the heat and stay cool this map shows the area where those cooling centers are. each plus is a cooling center. we've got a link posted at look at the seen on tv section. we want you to be prepare during this heat wave download the fox 29 news app and get alerts sent to your phone it's free to download just search it in the apple or google play stores. now to a developing story out of camden. >> a 13-year-old has been rushed to the hospital after being hit by a schoolbus. sky fox over the scene earlier this afternoon. let's get out to fox 29's shawnette wilson she's life near the scene tonight. shawnette?
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>> reporter: iain, at last check the 13-year-old was in stable condition in the trauma unit at cooper. we're told this happened right here on the block behind me. now, take look. skyfox flew over the scene. this is on the 2900 block of alabama road in the fairview neighborhood of camden. police say a 1384 old boy was out playing with his sister when for some reason he ran into the street and was hit boy a schoolbus. a witness says a crossing guard who was a half block away saw it and ran to alert the bus driver to back up so they could free the boy from under the bus. >> he was she was standing standing on the corner as she does every day with the kids. kids was getting off the bus. i didn't exactly see if he was bending down to pick up something. he had to be picking up something for her to role over him. the guard spotted him pushing and telling the lady to move back, move back, move back! >> reporter: we're told that the 13-year-old possibly has injuries to the back of his leg. police told me on the tone moments ago they do believe he will be okay. he was conscious when he was
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taken to the hospital. back to you. >> lucky teenager. thank you shawnette. she was was convicted of killing a woman who she gave an ill lee butt injection to back in 2011. today that former madam learning her fate. padge winds low sentenced today to 10 to 20 years in prison. prosecutors say winds low illegally injected half a gallon of industrial grade silicone into the buttocks of a 20-year-old dancer from london. that dancer died after her heart stopped following the procedure. the judge ordering six years of probation for winds low following her release from jail. false alarm. that's what officials are telling us after a cabby thought he spotted two escaped prisoners from new york here in philadelphia. police say surveillance video proved these were not the escapees. the cabby did alert police this morning after driving men matching the descriptions of missing inmates richard matt and david sweat to the city's amtrak station. the 48-year-old matt and 34-year-old sweat were discovered missing on saturday and police are searching the woods a few miles from the mack mum security prison in upstate
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new york. disturbing allegations tonight against a camden county fire chief. what investigators say they found on his work computer has an entire community in disbelief tonight. he was led away in handcuffs by police last night. >> tonight he's facing serious charges. fox 29's dave stratt wise is live outside the volunteer firehouse in audubon dave? >> reporter: iain, homeland security investigators were monitoring child porn sharing sites on the internet when the fire chief came on their radar screen. last night, they showed up here at the fire station and arrested him. >> very disgusting. very disgusting. very. >> reporter: walter ash lives right across the street from the audubon park volunteer fire company. he was stunned to hear that fire chief john terruso was arrested wednesday night here charged with using the fire company's computer to share child pornography. >> it's sad to hear really on account it's so close to me. i mean like i say i go over there every day we go through there with my grandson.
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>> the internet is like an open faucet to things that we just didn't have to deal with. >> reporter: 44-year-old terruso was arrested around 9:00 o'clock as investigators from the attorney general's office served a search warrant at the fire station. they seized his computer and four more laptops. he's chargeed with distributing child porn. >> anyone of these cases public official or no a thousand images or one are revolting and dangerous. >> i'm angry. i'm sad. i'm angry that somebody could do this to my fire company my chief who we've trusted for all these years. >> reporter: investigators found at least a thousand files of child porn, cell phones and hard drives in other material including graphic videos of children. >> that's real bad. that's real bad. >> i'm shocked. i'm disgusted. i have no idea what to say right now. like i guess just never know. i'm shocked. i'm in shock. i can't believe it. >> reporter: awed upon park taxpayers are upset that terruso is accused of using his fire company computer and the fire station to deal in child porn.
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>> that's even worse. it's a government building right over there. >> this is an outstanding fire company with outstanding members who volunteer day in and day output their life on the line and for what are one individual to do an individual act that would bring down this entire company. >> reporter: the mayor stands behind his fire company here as you could hear him there. terruso remains behind bars tonight on $150,000 cash bail in the camden county jail. investigators are still trying to determine if anyone else was involved. dawn? >> all right dave, thank you. an emotional plea from the father of a local murder victim. his son 26-year-old andres camacho the third gunned down in camden almost a decade ago. tonight devastated dad pleads for answers investigators are hoping for new leads in this still unsolved murder case. almost nine years to the day have passed since his murder. the father of two was shot in the head outside a camden grocery store near berwick street in marlton pike just before 10:00 at night. today a camden county cold case
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team releasing enhanced video of the june 2006 shooting. the victim's father and investigators both hoping that this footage will help bring new information to light. >> you know it's like it happened yesterday. so that's, um, you think about it every day every second, every minute, every hour, and never goes away. >> we subscribe to the beliefs that no one commits the perfect crime where evidence is not left behind by the perpetrator. >> the citizens crime commission is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this cold case. if you have any information at all you're asked to call police. if you want to remain anonymous the number to call is 215-546-tips. we are now just three months away from the pope's visit to our city. but before his arrival several city leaders will make one last stop in rome.
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mayor michael nutter and archbishop charles chaput will lead a delegation that will stay in rome from june 22nd through the 25th. there they'll make final preparations for the pope's visit. the group will plan meetings and events related to the world meeting of families coming to philly in september. fox 29 will be in rome with the group bringing you reports on that final meeting. a gaping hole in the sidewalk and street puts children at risk in a fishtown neighborhood. not to worry it's batman to the rescue. no, not the actual super hero. >> just a long time fishtown resident who cares about his neighbors. our bruce gordon visited fishtown to see about the hole and came back with an even more interesting tail. he joins us tonight in the newsroom bruce. >> reporter: i see this all the time in philadelphia. utility work on street or sidewalk is completed and a gaping hole is left behind. a dangerous eye sore but captured the eye of a neighborhood bricklayer. batman logo is just a t-shirt but to some folks around here, brandon bray berry could be
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considered a super hero. he and his crew were doing brick work on row house in the 1600 block of ayres street about 10 days ago. he saw a gaping crater down the street. >> literally i kid you not if i stood up and stuck my hand over my head i couldn't touch the top. that's how deep it was. >> reporter: the hole which covered part of the street and much of the sidewalk was left behind by a private plumbing contractor. he had done some sewer and water line work below ground hadn't filled the hole with dirt. but it washed away leaving behind a hole with little a round it to protect a block filled with young children a neighbor asked his city councilman and state rep to beg the city's streets department to come out and safeguard the sight but got nowhere. >> i told my guys dig dirt out of another job and fill in. it took several tons of dirt to fill the hole. and several tons more when the original load washed out in a heavy rain. now, well it's still a bit of a
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mess but at least it's a bit safer. so what happens if the city comes out and tells bray berry he had no right to fill the whole himself? >> they'll have to take the dirt out of there because i don't know. i think -- dirt there right now is better than a kid in that hole. every once in while we can do something for the neighborhood we're working in and help people out, why not? >> reporter: now these utility work stories can be confusing first of all bay no attention to the pgw stamp odd those barricades much the gas company didn't dot digging it was a private plumbing contractor who told me he notified the streets department the sigh was ready for repaving. streets got back to me late think afternoon to say no, they were never notified to come out and finish the job. they did promise they will be out tomorrow to properly safeguard the sight and reach out to that plumber. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce. good job. a local pizza restaurant stepping up in a big way. first using its slices to help out those who were less fortunate. >> now they're moving past the post it notes. what they're doing now and how you can get involved. howard? >> the eagles have said goodbye
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to one of their veterans. chip treats many things just as business and a real explosion by a baseball player on the field last night one i haven't seen. that's coming up in sports. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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♪ center city pizza shop already doing a good deed feeding the homeless every day finds a new way to help those in need. guess what, you can tepp help as well. >> paying it forward will not only keep food in someone's mouth it could keep clothes on their back as well. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson in our newsroom tonight. the shop is setting quite an example. >> reporter: they really are. spending time there it's inn zero and that was the good feeling that i got today. because recognition was the goal rosa's has been on national tv several times. after the attention goes away they're real goal to make great pizza and help feed the homeless and today they showed us another way that they're doing it. ♪
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>> reporter: rosa's pizza on 11th street gained national exposure for their program encouraging their customers to buy a 1 dollar slice for themselves and donate another slice to the homeless. post it notes placed on the wall symbolize the donation. wives' feeding 150 homeless people per day their owner wanted to come up with another way to help and continue to pate forward. >> we live away 150 slices every day and we have to find way to fund that. now we sell t shirts, $16 for t-shirt and half it goes towards post it. slices for other people. >> along with 1 dollar slices and touch shirts rosa's has sweatshirts. buy one and one is donate to do homeless person. the sweatshirts have services available to the homeless printed right on the inside. and the customers i spoke to were clearly impressed by rosa's efforts. >> it's amaze wagon they do. contribute to people that don't have and we need to have more people like this. >> this is a prime example of
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where you are still selling your goods but then being able to profit and give back. so i definitely see that. it's a brilliant idea. >> while i was there several people grabbed a free slice and the environment was encourage encouragingly inclusive. no frowns no apprehension. everybody seemingly enjoying the pay it forward concept while enjoying a slice. >> people are looking for more than just food they're looking for way to help, and it's awesome to be able to provide that as well. >> reporter: playing definitely advocates for a second i asked the owner if he received any criticism from customers who were uncomfortable with how welcoming rosa' social security to the homeless community. not surprisingly he told me no. his customers don't see him homeless people. they just see people. guys i got my shirt today. here it is. and this shirt buying one will help feed the homeless. you can stop in and get one at rosa's or get them online. we'll put the information up on our fox 29 facebook page and you can tell us what you think about this pay it forward concept right there on the page or tweet
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us at fox 29 philly. >> all right. bill thanks a lot. great story there. now back to your fox 29 weather authority. it could be kind of t-shirt weather speaking of t-shirts out there today. maybe tank top weather. >> yeah. we're talking about the triple hs you guys. hazy, hot and humid and it real really just warmed up rapidly across our area. the high temperature made it up to 92 degrees today. so over the neck several days, slow down, take breaks, check on the elderly your pets, drink a lot of water stay hydrated. dress for summer. stay in the shade if at all possible if you'll be outdoors for any prolonged period of time. don't forget the sunscreen either as we take look the low this morning was 70. the afternoon high made it up to 92 degrees. that's 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. the sun will set this evening close to 8:30. so 91 right now stepping outdoors. humidity at 45%. a little bit of a breeze thankfully at 15 miles per hour but the feels like temperature
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right now is 94 degrees. we'll add several degrees on to that tomorrow and that's why a heat advisory has been prompted for tomorrow. 91 in trenton. 91 philadelphia. we're looking at upper 80s now in wilmington as well as dover. a little cooler wildwood right now checking in at 82 degrees. but factor in that humidity, how your body reacts it's 94 right now in trenton. 94 in pottstown. low 90s in wilmington it feels like 96 degrees currently in dover. so over the neck several hours hazy, hot and humid stays warm. muggy conditions overnight. 79 degrees still by 11:00 o'clock tonight and once again tomorrow we're looking at that code orange unhealthy for sensitive groups asthma up err respiratory disorders heart disease limit your outdoor exposure due to the ozone. take look at this. around the 95 corridor into south jersey we're talking feels like temperatures could approach 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so by tomorrow morning at 6am
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it's going to already feel like the mid 70s around the i-95 corridor. and then by 2:00 in the afternoon, upper 90s even trip tell digits potentially feeling like 101 in millville by 2:00. 101 feels like temperature in philadelphia so that's where the danger comes in to play with that heat index. as far as what's happening on ultimate doppler take a look. some pretty violent thunderstorms trying to pop up off to the north and west. we'll zoom in a little closer at some of these cells that we're watching moving towards sections of the pocono mountains as well as parts of the lehigh valley. some gusty winds and also some small hail can't be ruled out with that. otherwise it's dry, it's quiet but tomorrow it's going to be another hazy, hot and humid day. as we look at that seven day forecast, you can see 94 for the high temperature tomorrow. but feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits. 90 on saturday and then a little cooler but not as humid as we move toward sunday and early next week. still above average.
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>> absolutely. summer come on, summer. >> steamy, steamy. (laughter). >> feels like i'm about to do sports. (laughter). >> how is that? players have different ways of showing their anger on the field. i've got one that really i've never seen before. chip kelly plays no favorites when he puts together his team for the coming season. he release the another veteran today. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ not shocking the eagles have released another player. they have not announce the it officially but i have it confirmed from a source and the player himself said good boy on twitter. evan mathis had a year remaining on his contract. $5.5 million but he wanted an he can tension and more money. remember he's 33 years old. not a good age in football and will be 34 during the season he decided not to show up ota's which are voluntary mini camps but all the other players were there. it was obvious he wanted to get releaseed. try to catch on with another team. on twitter he wrote thanks for the memories, philly. jason kelce last week didn't sound like he would miss evan mathis. >> i got to go about business as if um, he's not going dobb here. right now i think we have two great guards three great guards actually um, one a alan barber and two in -- who played really great for us and i think that we -- we'll have a good offensive -- great offensive
6:25 pm
line regardless of evan mathis situation. >> football players and the team approach thing. it's different than in other sports. eagles will likely make the announcement official tomorrow. no players around we can't get player comments. i'm not shocked and he wasn't going to get a new deal for more money especially at the age. he will get a job but not at what he was asking with the eagles. now on to baseball field. the phillies are off tonight. chase it goal into tomorrow's game zero-21 but last night was a moment of anger by a really good guy. let's go to minnesota. tori hunter at the plate. a called third strike by mark. tori doesn't agree. there has to be some background to this with the umpire because it was close. will goes the shoulder guard and the ankle guard the shin guard the gloves take -- you know what okay. batting glove. why don't just include the uniform. just take it all off. there you go.
6:26 pm
tori hunter. now it's funny to us. tori hunter made a lot of money in his career and had a good career and he's a good teammate. i've heard from everybody whose played with him he's a terrific guy but he'll be fined for that. >> yeah. >> it it's funny stuff. that's what we need for of in in baseball g taking it all you have. >> i'd like to see chase utley after he has another zero-four. break a bat. take jersey off. show me some anger. show me something. he's not happy. he's not happy his career is coming to an end but you got to do something. >> the passion right. >> passion yeah and just show that you really have it in you. i like that. >> i'm with you on that. i'm with you on that. be sure to join us tonight at 10:00 for the fox 29 news. a mom turns herself in after allegedly leaving her kids in a hot car while she went shopping. she apparently did not learn her lesson. what police say she did as she was talking to investigators that left even the police stunned. and that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00.
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have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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>> the wal-mart brawl mom speaks out. what she is saying about the shocking video everyone is talking about. >> punch her in the gleys and duggar family 911. >> they're not being cooperative and we have to see the child. >> why cops were called to their home. >> we need police assistant or an escort. >> why this ex detective believes the two escaped killers may be coming after him. >> coming after you, trying to kill you. >> he says he is never going to forget what i did. >> and his call for the killer to surrender. >> turn yourself in. >> and what the former "dancing with the stars" contestant says really goes on inside the playboy mansion. her sensational new book. she says her breasts are just too large.


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